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07 February 2008 @ 11:44 am
Nappies and Nurseries: An AB/DL tabletop RPG  
Nappies and Nurseries

This is a pen and paper RPG with relatively simple game mechanics to make RPing a bit more challenging and less random. It's not for everyone but people who enjoy this kind of thing may find it interesting. Your suggestions are more than welcome. Feel free to change around the game as much as you want to suit your own needs or desires. It's completely free and not copyrighted or anything, but I would appreciate credit and maybe gratitude.

----The DM----

Much of gameplay and the creation of characters is up to the discretion of the DM. (Diaper Master) However, unlike other games, the DM may be an active player. DM involvement can be very minimal, and there is almost no need for one, but one should still be chosen for making rulings and perhaps causing random events to make play interesting.

There are five levels that increase and decrease throughout the game, and all have a corresponding limit. You set these limits yourself, or they can set by a DM or determined randomly. Each one rleates to how well your character deals with it's increasing biological needs.

Wetness-Or how close you are to wetting yourself. Once you reach yor wetness limit, you wet yourself and it's reduced back to 0. You can start with your wetness level at any amount up to and including your limit.

Messiness-How close you are to messing yourself, generally higher then wetness limit, unless the character suffers from fecal incontinence.

Hungriness-Grows steadily each turn. When your hungry limit is reached, you become hungry.

Sleepiness-Grows steadily each turn. When your sleepiness level is reached, you become asleep.

Fussiness-Based on your status and other levels. Fussiness is the sum of your hungriness and sleepiness levels as well as extra amounts for how long you've been wet or messy, plus any modifiers encountered this round. A sample forumla to calculate this from scratch:

(Hungriness level) + (Sleepiness level) + (Rounds wet * 1) + (Rounds messy * 2) +/- Modifiers = Fussiness level

You can keep track of it other ways as well,such as just adjusting it accordingly based on the increases/decreases every turn.


Wet-Happens when you reach your wetness limit. Adds an additional 1 to fussiness each round.

Messy-Happens when you reach your messiness limit. Adds an additional 2 to fussiness each round.

Hungry-A character who is hungry cannot do anything but feed or suckle itself if they have the ability, otherwise they RP bugging characters who have that ability for food.

Asleep-The sleepiness level is reduced by 3 each turn until it hits 0, at which point the character wakes up and loses sleep status. Characters who are asleep cannot use any abilities, and can only be changed, tickled, or tormented. Ignore the effects of fussy or hungry when asleep, but note that hungriness still goes up and that the effects of hungry and fussy resume when the character wakes up. Being asleep adds an additional 2 to both wetness and messiness each round, since it's more likely for a character to go while asleep.

Fussy-A fussy character is essential throwing a tantrum or expressing how upset it is in some other way. A fussy character cannot use abilities.

Allows you to put a fresh diaper on a character, eliminating wet and messy status and reducing fussiness by 1. Note that there is no ability to simply remove a diaper without replacing it, so once you end up in one, you're in one for the rest of the game, though you may still pull it down to potty.

Only usable on a character the turn after they have had feed or suckle used on them, reduces fussiness level by 3. Cannot use on self.

Reduces fussiness by 2 by entertaining, rocking, or hugging someone, for example. Cannot use on self.

Feed through some kind of natural way, usually milk. Suckling is more natural and therefore reduces both hunger and fussiness by 3 each and increases wetness level by 3. Suckling includes being able to prepare whatever to be suckled, so your character shouldn't have it if all they can do with a bottle is hold it.

Feeding through baby food, solids, or anything other then milk. Reduces hunger by 4 and increases messiness by 3.

Decreases fussiness by 4 but also increases wetness level by 3. Cannot use on self.

Reduces your wetness and messiness levels to 0. If your character does not have, the potty ability, they MUST wear diapers.

However, having it doesn't prevent them from choosing to wear them. The potty ability is LOST if a character reaches their

wetness or messiness limit. Potty can only be used on yourself and characters with the potty-dance ability.

The ability to detect when you're within 3 of your wetness or messiness limit and react, informing others with the potty ability that you need to go. Can only be used when within 3 of your wetness or messiness limit.

Playing with yourself can be used to reduce your fussiness by 1. If you play with others, it's reduced by an additional 2 for

each person you play with. 3 people who all use the play ability on the same turn would each reduce their fussiness by 5.

Allows you to put a character to sleep.

The opposite of comfort. Increases another characters fussiness level by 4 by tormenting them, verbally or physically. Cannot be used on self.

Prevents any actions from being used on you this turn except for Hold.

Experienced caretakers can tell through a variety of means that someone in the immediate vicinity needs a diaper change, this is a "free action", meaning you don't have to waste a turn using it.

Prevents another character from using any ability other than torment and potty-dance. Essentially for canceling out run-away, or if you're mean, potty. A character who has had hold used on it may have other actions used on it, such as tickle or diaper.

There is no black and white distinction between adults and babies. Adults must still make continence checks every turn. Adults can feed off other adults. They just usually have the characteristics associated with adults, such as the ability to feed themselves and potty. Any mix of age, levels, or abilities are acceptable. An adult may have a standard levels for an adult, but simply choose to use diapers other then the potty.

Characters in the baby role will generally have very few abilities compared to those in the caretaker role, simply because they're babies. They need others to take care of them.

----Order of Play----
A Round: Three turns. Calculate your levels between rounds. The reason for this is so that you have more time to RP and less working on game mechanics.

A Turn: You may use one ability. There is no limit how many abilities may be used on you in one turn, but you may not have the same ability used on twice in one turn. A character may choose to change your diaper while another may feed you, however both may not feed you.

The order that you take turns in can be determined randomly through a dice roll, alphabetically, or however you want. You may not even need to have an order, just ensure everyone is done before taking the next turn.

----Sample Characters----

Personal Info:
Name: Nanny Fanny
Species: Hippopotamus
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Description: A very experienced and caring nanny.

Wetness: 20
Messiness: 25
Hunger: 15
Sleepiness: 15
Fussiness: 50

Diaper, burp, comfort, suckle, feed, tickle, play, diaper-sense, tuck-in, hold.


Name: Baby Jane
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Description: A girl who's suffered some loss of continence due to her extended enjoyment of diapers.

W: 8
M: 25
H: 15
S: 15
F: 40

Change, feed, potty, tuck-in, play.


Name: Bart the Brat
Species: Rat
Sex: Male
Age: 7
Description: A misbehaving hard case who's been punished with a return to diapers.

W: 7
M: 11
H: 13
S: 13
F: 25

Feed, tickle, potty-dance, run-away, torment, hold, play.

Comments, questions? I'd like to play test this, which you can do with as few as two people. You can actually do it by yourself,f but there's not a lot of fun in that.
Knotonknoton on February 14th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Sounds fun :3
Damien Cade on April 3rd, 2014 10:56 am (UTC)
Would totally play this. Someone should make this into an online RPG