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01 February 2008 @ 06:14 pm
I updated my website; Denizens of hell form hockey team.  
The Babyfur Portal

This is the first update in litterally years, but it's been worth it*. The new site has a whole new layout and approach, so it's now just a bunch of links. But a lot of links! More than any other site has had in recorded history!** So come on in and check out The Babyfur Portal, now with less trans-fats! fresh pine scent! Whitens teeth in just three applications! Consolidates mortgages and debt into one easy payment that earns you frequent flier miles!***

*Probably not.
**Possibly not the truth.
***Results may differ. Consult your dentist before using the Babyfur portal. Pregnent women should not use the Babyfur Portal. Pregnent men have worse problems. Erections lasting more then three days after using the Babyfur Portal are your own fault.